80th Anniversary Celebration & Gospel Revival & Schedule

Plan, pray & participate with us as we gear up for the 80th Anniversary Celebration & Gospel Revival of Figueroa Church of Christ. God has been more than good and we will pause to thank Him for allowing us to 'Cross Jordan!' We will have inspiring words delivered to us by three beloved friends of the Figueroa Family, Carl Baccus, Sam Bailey & Billy Curl. Dates: September 23-26. Click image to the right to enlarge flyer. For more information contact the Church Office.

* * Anniversary Celebration Schedule * *
Concert: Saturday September 22, 5—8pm September 23, 8:00am – 4:30 pm
To acknowledge, celebrate, and thank God for 80 yrs. of service to Christ, church and community!
To remember, reflect, and recognize ALL who made this journey possible!
Saturday Concert: 5:00pm
Video Presentation & Concert: featuring
Floyd B. Lee Radio Chorus & others
Continental Breakfast 8:00am
Bible Classes 8:30am
Silent Generation: Adults (aud.) M. Crusoe
The Boomers (south aud.) James Maxwell
The Busters (chapel) Sam Bailey
GenX, Millennials Youth (Jr) Darryl Burnett
Worship 10am Guest Speaker: Billy Curl
* * * LUNCH 12:45 - 1:45pm * * * 2:00 pm Program
MC: James A Maxwell
Welcome: David Holmes 
Purpose: Jerome Thompson
Invocation: Forest Whitaker
Video Presentation
Special Presentations
Special Singing: Angelic Chorus, Girls Glee, New Generation, Gospel Chorus, Los Angeles Mass Chorus
Guest Speaker: Carl Baccus
Collection & Communion
Remarks & Benediction: Ruben Boykins
Monday – Wednesday 7pm


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